Fab Wright Inc.

Custom Fabrication to Fit any Requirement

“Putting it all together for you!”

Trimwaste Disposal Systems

Fast, Clean, Safe, and Efficient!

Dispose Of…

  • Artichoke, cabbage, lettuce leaves
  • Cauliflower Butts
  • Fruit rinds and pits
  • Fish bones, heads and skin



  • Total Package: One manufacturer, one order, one warranty
  • Fast and easy installation. Completely factory plumbed, assembled, wired and tested
  • The fastest, easiest and simplest system to service in the industry
  • All waste odors eliminated for a clean, sanitary operation
  • No smelly fish and produce waste standing in containers
  • Trouble free operation- exclusive FabWright, Inc. Disposer has only one moving part
  • Fewer sewer problems – exclusive “after flush” action guarantees flow of waste through sewer line after system shut off
  • Highest product safety standards
  • On-time delivery, satisfaction guaranteed
  • Serving the industry since 1956