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FVP-6TE Fish & Game Cleaning Station

Manufactured and Shipped by FabWright Inc.

Cleaning Station Diagram PDF

Note- 6′ Long (72″) is standard length. Different lengths available upon request.

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Quote: FVP-6TE Fish & Game Cleaning Station | FVP-6TE

Standard Models Available:

750-FVP-73TE 7-1/2 HP 3 Phase
750-FVP-71TE 7-1/2 HP 1 Phase
10000-FVP-103TE 10 HP 3 Phase
10000-FVP-101TE 10 HP 1 Phase
15000-FVP-153TE 15 HP 3 Phase
15000-FVP-151TE 15 HP 1 Phase

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