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Model FG-6060 Fish and Game Cleaning Station

Manufactured and Shipped by FabWright Inc.

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Model 5126, 5 HP FabWright Inc. disposer with energy saving motor (three phase is standard)

•  NEMA 4 control panel, including start/stop button with 10-minute Off/Delay timer and keyed reverse switch, UL listed
•  "All weld" construction used on table with Stainless steel siding (14-gauge) with (2) hinged access doors and lock hooks
•  Stainless steel legs with flanged feet
•  Stainless steel leg bracing
•  Poly cutting boards
•  Wheelchair access
•  Two deck-mounted, cold water pre-rinses with island brackets
•  Hose bibb faucet
•  Pre-plumbed with 1/2" copper tubing
•  Solenoid valve
•  18" cone with waterflow inlet
•  Stainless steel safety cover on disposer
•  Anti-rodent screen protector on disposer
•  Disposer de-jamming wrench


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Quote: Model FG-6060 Fish and Game Cleaning Station | FG-6060

Rotary Phase Converters

     FabWright Incorporates rotary phase converters into its stations for higher horse powers over 7 ½ HP where only single phase electricity exists. We provide three-phase power from single-phase lines at a fraction of the installation and operating cost of running three-phase utility lines to your property. 

Anytime one of our model numbers ends in a ‘”1”, a rotary phase converter is incorporated into that station. (ex. FG-6060-101)

Additional pre-rinse units

• GFCI receptacle box
• 20'. 30', 35', and 50' Retractable hose reels
• Waterflow regulator
• Hot water factory pre-plumbing
• Cleaning station without disposer/controls
• Fish hook rack
•  Remote control panel
•  Phase converter / single phase "Alternate FabWright Inc. disposers:
Model 7506, 7.5 HP, 1725 RPM Model 10006,10HP.1725 RPM Model 15006, 15 HP, 1725 RPM
Single or three phase available on all FabWright, Inc. Disposers


Standard Models Available:

FG6060-51 5 H.P. 1Ǿ
FG6060-53 5 H.P. 3Ǿ
FG6060-71 7½ H.P. 1Ǿ
FG6060-73 7½ H.P. 3Ǿ
FG6060-101 10 H.P. 1Ǿ
FG6060-103 10 H.P. 3Ǿ
FG6060-151 15 H.P. 1Ǿ
FG6060-153 15 H.P. 3Ǿ

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