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Large Frame

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  • FabWright Inc.’s Rugged 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP and 15HP disposers are designed for operations where waste loads are extreme and volume is heavy. These disposers feature a reduced speed (1140 RPM) to provide optimum performance while finely grinding and disposing of bulky and difficult solid waste such as corn cobs, bones, clam shells, artichoke stems, coconuts, etc. Recommended for operations requiring continuous duty during peak periods for food preparation tables and soiled dish tables.

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Typical Applications

  • Large restaurants
  • Hotels/ hospitals
  • University/ military food service
  • Supermarkets
  • Meat, fish, & food processing plants
  • Prisons (package available)

Seating Capacities

  • Model 5126 (5HP): 2,670
  • Model 51212 (5HP): 2,670
  • Model 7506 (7.5HP): 4,400
  • Model 75012 (7.5HP): 4,400
  • Model 10006 (10HP): 6,130
  • Model 10012 (10HP): 6,130
  • Model 15006 (15HP): 8,000
  • Model 15012 (15HP): 8,000

Large Disposer

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